How to Help Yourself with a Loved One Incarcerated

“If we respect students abilities to define their own experiences, to generate their own hypotheses, and to discover new ways of categorizing the world, we might not be so quick to evaluate the adequacy of their answers. We might, instead, begin listening to their questions. Out of the questions of students come some of the most creative ideas and discoveries.” Ellen Langer

What do you think about when someone mentions self-help? Do you think very specifically about topics like how to be less angry, how to enhance your career, how to rejuvenate your relationship? It seems as more specialists make their living from selling self-help books and giving talks on the topic, the more we forget just how broad a topic it actually can be. We contemplated this very conversation at length here at and drew some interesting conclusions.  

Self-help is defined as using one’s efforts and resources to achieve things without relying on others. It is specifically designed to assist people in achieving something for themselves. If you consider those points, it can be an exercise in self-help itself. It is an exciting approach, but it is one that we concluded is worthwhile because this website is designed for your situation. 

It gets you into the mindset of strengthening yourself and your skills for now and the future. If something has been categorized as self-help, ask yourself why. It helps to put things into perspective. The article on positivity is a good example of thinking about self-help.

How did the ideas in that article increase your ability to achieve something for yourself? Even if you decided the article is worth sharing with your partner, why did you determine that in regards to yourself? Will you continue to think of self-help as not only a tool you want but you also want your loved one to benefit from using? 

Wikipedia states that “Categorization is essential in learning, prediction, and decision making.” So when you consider why something falls into a category, it helps you build many skills. It may seem a little geeky, but we have fun deciding where things should go and why we have content for this site. You and your partner may find these same types of discussions fun even if you disagree with one another on the category.