Serving Time Management Tips

As you are serving time together, use these tips to manage time collaboratively. 

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  1. A set bedtime and wake up time. Many people have no set sleep schedule, which is the anchor towards a productive routine. Don’t fall into that trap. 
  2. Study every day. If you are in school, that is fantastic; students can focus on their required tasks. If you aren’t in school, Study can be when you spend writing to your loved one, reading, working on a problem you both have identified, researching. So while we use the word Study, it is merely a timeframe spent daily on a knowledge-gaining task.
  3. Consult your weekly plan. What, you didn’t make one? Many would argue this should come first, but every Sunday, you need to get out your planning calendar or task sheet and write down what you want to accomplish each day of the new week. Leave space for unexpected twists and turns, added work tasks, lockdowns. You both will have additions and subtractions. It is essential to know what you want to accomplish.
  4. Make this idea of time management a collaboration. Why not ask your partner to share theirs and vice versa. You may find things you want to do daily together. You may find it easier to prioritize the things that aren’t as much fun for you to do and get them out of the way faster. You will need to manage time together for the rest of your lives in some cases, so why not start now? 
  5. Once you get going on time management, you will discover specific things that have to happen daily. A walk, managing finances, cleaning a cell or home, prayer, or spiritual pursuits. These need to hit the calendar as routine, forming good time management habits.
  6. Schedule time to play! Downtime yee haw! Fun means more when you work hard.
  7. Talk to productive people and pick their brains. It isn’t overnight; we become scholars, get promoted, clear debt, obtain job skills, change lifestyles, add knowledge. Find out what people do and mimic it. 
  8. Believe in yourself, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Take breaks. You both have been sentenced to time; make sure it is valuable time. Not time spent being hard on yourself.