The Freedom to be Positive

When you were young and went outside, no matter all the turmoil around you, someone would leave the porch light on for you until you got home. That light was care. It meant no matter what has happened or where you have been, I am waiting for you and need you here. It was positivity, and anyone that saw it could draw from its warmth whether it was meant for them or not. 

Positivity is a mindset you can have at all times, regardless of the situation. Happiness is something you experience for a brief period of time. Many people strive for happiness and happy moments can be reached by cultivating a positive mindset. Creating a positive mindset involves a lifestyle change and a complete shift in how they see the world. Happy moments can be created with small acts. 

The act of leaving on a light is a small thing, but the care and kindness of that person that left the light on are what made you happy. Maybe it was a grandmother, partner or sibling who always lifted you with words or spirit. The positive affirmation is what makes a light so welcoming.

Positive Creates Happiness

You have the opportunity to create happiness for yourself and for others. The days when it seems everything is just going wrong you might not feel happy for a long period. When you are upset or angry it might make you think you don’t deserve, or can have, happy moments. Regardless of how you’re feeling you can create bursts of happiness. 

The trick to having these moments is being open to having them. It will take effort, especially on the days that aren’t going well, but if you’re open to the possibility of happiness you will have a chance to experience it. Perhaps you will be the light that brings happiness to others.

Ways to Create Happy Moments:

  • Motivational speaker Jim Rohn said “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” Find ways to surround yourself around people who exude positivity to increase the chances of happy moments. 
  • Never take the people you love for granted. Supportive relationships help people feel better.
  • Remember we can’t control what others do, only how we react. Don’t hold grudges or be jealous of success. Believe in yourself and focus on what is important to you.
  • Be aware of what you’re thankful for, the birth of a child, moving into a new home, your wedding day, seeing your child’s first steps, your first kiss with the man or woman of your dreams, hearing your child’s first words. Take note of what makes you grateful.
  • Consider volunteering. People have a tendency to experience happier moods when they give, especially if they get to choose how or what they give.
  • Purposefully laugh. Find a show, a video or a book that makes you laugh. Even smiling itself can put you in a better mood. Puppy videos often make people smile. 
  • Avoid regrets. If you have a regret, learn to forgive and move on from the mistake.

Message of Hope

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